Brake Repairs Adelaide

brake-and-clutch-repairsHere at John Moyle Motor Engineering, our wealth of industry experience has taught us just how important it is for drivers to have their vehicle’s braking systems regularly checked. By doing exactly that, we won’t just ensure that your vehicle will stop when it needs to. We can also often save our customers future expense by replacing brake parts before they become so badly worn that they cause even more damage to your braking system and or cause damage to others.


Clutch Repairs Adelaide


Are you experience any of the following clutch faults:

  • clutch slipping – no power transmitted to wheels, while engine accelerates
  • clutch shudder – shudder and vibration when clutch is re-engaged
  • clutch drag or spin – difficulty engaging a gear
brake and clutch repairs adelaide
flywheel facing onsite

We always use quality parts and expert fitting. Talk to us for a competitive quote.

Experience counts when it comes to clutch repairs and replacement. We can replace standard and performance clutches.

Our friendly technicians will discuss any issues with you and recommend solutions to help you make an informed decision for all clutch repairs.

To book your car in please call us on (08) 8269 3214